Sketch post 2

Hey all! We arrived in Berlin last night and had a very full day of walking about the city; to be almost accurate it was around 6 miles! Here are some sketches from the past few weeks.










I’m thinking of going back through photos and such once I return to the US and then blog about our journey in hindsight. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to keep up with daily posts when traveling. I think I’ve acquired more bruises than successful posts, hahah. It will also help me when I start designing the website/publication about our trip. As part of our studio assignments we either had to research a specific subject/person that was relevant to our focus for this trip or do a design project. I chose to design a sort of “guild travel log” of sorts. “Guild” because upon reading about the guilds of craftsman for the Arts and Crafts movement I realized that in a way our studio is (sort of) a guild. I really wanted to design something that would act as a journal for our trip as well as give each person an individual profile to showcase his/her sketches and drawings.

Considering I know very little about coding I’m definitely biting off a lot, but my fall back will be working in InDesign, a program I know quite a bit more than dreamweaver. Corey told me that DreamWeaver isn’t all that complicated, but we’ll see. All I know is that upon my return I’m going to hit the ground running.

Or at least walking at a very, very brisk pace.


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