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(almost) done.

I’m sitting by the fireplace, watching a pokemon movie on cartoonnetwork (I’m waiting for the video game awards to start.. and it’s nostalgic.), knitting needles at hand, green tea and design process journal ready to be worked on. Went to a kickboxing/boxing fitness class with my sister this morning. Definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow.

I’m.. (almost) done with immersion quarter. Almost.

This quarter was nothing short of amazing; it was so. much. work.

I loved every second of it. Even during the late night/early mornings, I knew that there was no where else I would rather be…other than my own bed, at times. It’s weird, and not at the same time. I’ve never been more passionate about…anything in my entire life. And the people I’ve met this quarter! I’ve gotten to meet and get to know so many inspiring people: professors, fellow students (in my major and also not).. it’s great. I often can’t believe how fortunate I am.

I’m ready for break, definitely. Not to just laze around though–I did that last year and while it was nice, it kind of felt wasted. There’s a good amount of activities I want to get done. I’ll make sure to make a list later (how I love those!)

but for tonight, I’m just going to enjoy being at home. Do some laundry.

1/4 scale model for my building