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I don’t feel like a weekend was enough to visit Dublin; especially with the work that we were assigned to do while we were there. Granted, I could’ve worked on the assignment a bit more in London, but there is nothing to do about it now. The feel of Dublin is much different of London’s feel. London seems a bit more…glamorous, perhaps? I feel I cannot accurately compare the two, partially because while in London I was able to see so much more than I saw in the couple days in Dublin. I would love to visit Ireland again someday, and hopefully make it to the cliffs that I’ve heard so much about.

Saturday morning Sydney and I walked around in the morning in search of a cafe where we could work on our assignment before meeting back up with everyone else. Our hostel was pretty close to the central part of Dublin, although there weren’t as many cafes as I would’ve liked. I suppose that because Dublin is pretty north, outdoor areas for cafes aren’t as popular as London, and I’m sure as they will be in Paris. The one we decided upon was a cafe diner mixture; we both ordered coffee an took over a four person table. Around ten was when it started to get pretty busy. We both got a fair amount done by the time we packed up at 12:20.

We met up with most of our group outside and it was a little after one when we left to walk to the Guinness Store House/Brewery. What an experience! I feel much more knowledgable about Guinness, and about beer in general–of course, there is still more I’d like to know. The walkthrough felt similar to waiting in line for a roller-coaster, at least one in a major theme park, such as Universal Studios. The design of the tour space must have been fun to come up with. At the end, after we did the Guinness Tasting side-quest, we had a pint of Guinness on the top floor, the Gravity Bar. The room up there was glass 360, and so everywhere you looked you were greeted with a panoramic view of the city. It was pretty crowded up there, so after 10 minutes or so we retreated back downstairs to find the rest of our group. Joyce and I decided to share some sweets while we waited to regroup.

It was around 16:30 when we finally were out the door and on our way to the Temple Bar area in order to meet up with another girl in the group and to search for some dinner. Even with about 6 of our other friends not with us, we were still a pretty large group. We decided to split up in search for food with the intention of meeting up later on. Joyce, Ben, Jill and I walked around a while in order to find relatively cheaper food and we finally came across a pie shop, a savory pie shop. For 6 euros we were able to each get a very filling meal, in addition to a very large and very needed glass of water.

Afterwards we decided to walk more south in search of the Libskin building. On our way we also saw the memorial sculpture for the Potato Famine, which was a very haunting installation as well as the Calatrava bridge (one of two in Dublin, actually). The Calatrava bridge is suspended, at least that is what I think the type of bridge it is. It is also white and so it contrasts really nicely with the surroundings.

That evening was a pretty quiet one for me. Instead of heading out to the bars with some of the others I elected to stay in to read a bit and do some yoga. A small part of me wishes I would’ve instead gone out, but there is nothing I can do about it now. It was a nice break though to have some alone time, especially after a week of travel, tours and what not.

The first week in Europe was pretty exhausting, but I think I’m finally adjusting. I’m starting to wake up before my alarm clock–that’s my major clue right there. I’m excited, because this means I’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time in the morning soon.


First Weekend

How it felt saying bye to my parents:

Its more or less hit me that I’m pretty much on my own now.  Okay, not really on my own, but more so than I think I have ever been. It’s a little nerve-wracking, moving to a new state. Chicago is great though; I don’t think I could’ve moved to a better city for my first time away from home (first time for this length of time, anyways). I don’t think I could stress how helpful my parents were during the move also; I felt very lucky, and I know that next time should I work somewhere even further away I’ll know what to do. Or at least have more of an idea than this time. The more I learn about my neighborhood, the more happy I am. Logan Square definitely has its charm–even with all this rain.

Going clockwise
1) sign from subway station
2) kitting activism on Milwaukee, at least that is what I think it is. To anyone more informed, I’d love to hear more about it.
3) New Wave Coffee. They had vegan pastries, and not vegan crossants. I’m pumped.

Grocery shopping for one is interesting. On my own, I’m not exactly sure how much I eat. Logan Square has a great farmers market really near my apartment which apparently is every Sunday, so that is exciting! I bought kale, apples, blueberries, a purple pepper, tomatoes, fresh motz, a TON of basil (for $1!), a cucumber and… arugula. I think I spelt that correctly. Oh, I’m excited for the bruschetta I’m going to make this week. Or caprese salad.
Fresh vegetables are very important to me, and it feels good to support the community in this way. I also went to the nearby supermarket to check it out and it’s definitely different than what I am used to back in Cincinnati, but not particularly in a bad way. Just different. I got more pantry staple items there, like seasonings and such. Cooking in my studio apartment will be interesting, however, since the stove already heats up my room to where I’m sweating just by being here. I forsee lots of salads.

My parents and I also went downtown together as sort of a “dry run” to find my work place. We went last night, before dinner. This also was great, since, now I know I work right next to the new Target downtown, which is AWESOME. Never an excuse to run out of something like, oh. Tampons. I actually need to get something to clean the floor of my apartment, like swiffer wet pads or something. That’ll be Tuesday if I don’t go tomorrow.

Now it’s 10 at night, and I’m not quite tired, but after I finish changing my mailing address, I’ll probably go to sleep soon after. I have a nicely empty day tomorrow (work starts on Tuesday!) so I’ll probably go downtown if it’s not raining, or just hole up in that coffee shop I went to earlier today.

Where I’ll go Tuesday morning. It was a little awkward standing here for the duration of the photos. I got a compliment from a bro.. so.. that was also awkward, but nice I suppose.

I should really get a “to explore/visit” list going. I have four months here, and I really want to make it as awesome as possible! To anyone who may be reading this, where should I go?