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Studying for the GRE

My (weekday) schedule:

Wake Up: 4 am
Study: 4am – 530am

  • Mini-breakfast around 430

Gym: Whenever I get there (around 550-6) to about 7am

  • 7-740 generally is get-ready-for-work time. The YMCA has pretty nice facilities.
  • Usually once a week I’ll just stay home and do yoga. That typically happens on Thursdays.

Work: 8-5 pm

  • lunch hour is spent… studying, and eating. NYtimes.

After Work: 

  • Generally it’s get home, eat dinner, study/computer-time/laundry/etc. (but more studying, to be sure)
  • Thursdays: Ultimate Frisbee!

A little crazy? Probably (Honestly, a little bit, but since I’m much more a morning person this works out really well. Until I get comfortable with my level of prepared-ness this will be the schedule.