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Documenting Home, Kitchen

So, realizing that in several months it is a high possibility that I will not be living at home and quite possible that I will be living in another state I decided that I should start documenting my home so I may really be able to appreciate what I enjoy now that much more before moving on to my next large adventure.


I’m currently in my final semester of undergrad, and I’ve so far been accepted to two grad schools: University of Oregon and Rhode Island School of Design.

They are both actually pretty high up on my list, RISD maybe a bit more because I have family in CT and the idea of attending an art school where I know/feel like I will have many opportunities for interdisciplinary study sounds really awesome. They have their grad day March 17th, so I’ll be attending that (and updating you guys) on how it goes. UO has theirs April 11th and I am planning to go, but I need to find a relatively cheaper flight.

I’ve never been to Portland, or that far west for that matter. I’m already really excited (and a little anxious) thinking about it!

So you guys can expect some more sketches over the next several weeks of things that I see everyday/most days. I’m excited for this series, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Also, if any of you guys know anything about Providence, RI or Portland, OR please share your thoughts 🙂 I’m going off Portlandia now, so…I’m sure I’m super well informed. (Kidding. Seriously. A little.)

I got into grad schools, whaaaaat?

Also I’ll be posting my submission to Japan Day in NYC here soon, so you can see the finished product!


Final Semester

It’s about a month into my last semester, and I’ve been terribly negligent to this blog, but like always here is another shot at getting this up and running–or at the very least, crawling/walking with aid of a cane.

My capstone studio is on disaster relief, focusing on the time between the event and permanent housing. Our first assignment was to do case studies on particular objects/spaces (and I’ll put that on here soon, or on my website I’m going to create eventually). Our second assignment is focused on different scenarios where we (in groups) design responses to particular regions around the world. My group decided to focus on water disasters and particularly the Philippines, where it was fairly recent where a typhoon caused a massive amount of damage to the environment and to the people there.

Here are some photos of process work so far:




We were working exclusively on the interior for the first week/couple weeks, and now we are moving onto the exterior.

There are nicer images for the interior, but they haven’t been remade yet.

Happy Friday!

In other news, I’m really wanting to work more on my graphic design skill set, but I’m at a loss at even where to start. If anyone has any good recommendations, that would be awesome.

Quick Paris Post 4

Sorry for the lack of posts; between working on studio, walking around Paris for studio and eating a bunch of delicious food…I have really little excuse for the lack of updates. I’ve done a good bit of sketching here that I’m happy with. I can’t believe we leave tomorrow!


These are some sketches that I did on our day trip to Nancy.

<img src="" alt="20130916-174256.jpg" class="alignnone size-full" /


The floor plan is part of a project that we were assigned. A quick two week “submission” for the House for an Art Lover competition. I’m working with another girl in our group and while it still has a lot of refining (most of which we won’t really be able to get to because of time constraints) I feel pretty good about what we have.



The rest of these sketches were done at a couple of the museums here. Le Louvre was really crowded (as I’m sure it pretty much always is), and the Winged Victory was gone for renovation (a major bummer 😦 ) but it was still a nice visit. It looks like rain, so. Time to work! Tomorrow morning we leave for Sainte Marie de La Tourette, a momentary built by Le Corbusier. We have about 3-4 stops I think on our bus ride there, so tomorrow will be a full day.

Quick Paris Post 2





















Those stairs were a killer at the end. Phew. I’m pretty tired, but today was good. We went to Cathedral Chartes and Versailles. Walked a good amount, ate a lovely dinner. Chugged a lot of water.

I should’ve had my glasses before taking my contacts out, so I hope that this last photo came through okay. Just little sketches from the day.
and with that, I say goodnight. I am le tired.