Back to Basics


In the week after graduating, I’ve decided to throw myself back into “I want to learn more about design” mode and have been concocting a sort-of syllabus for myself for the next few months. It’s sort of a foundations-again idea for me, since architecture foundations at DAAP and design foundations are two completely separate things–which is a real shame in my view. What I’m aiming for is a increase in manual skill (drawing, craft, etc.) and also a more rounded knowledge of design as a whole (so, reading more into graphic and industrial design). So far I’ve bought probably the largest sketchbook I’ve ever had (14″ x 17″) and have amassed a small library of books from the DAAP library. I will be writing posts about what I’m learning about said books (and actually post the list at a slightly later date) but this is my summer plan so far, sort of.

I’m also hoping for the opportunity to work with DAAPcamps this summer, but that depends on how many students sign up. That and I may be babysitting for someone my sister knows. Both of these would give me an income, which will be much appreciated–especially since the former seems like a lot of fun (working with high school students in their probably first experiences with architecture/design) and the latter seems lower-key, maybe (it would be for a 7-month old . . . so we’ll see about that.)

Trying to keep myself busy is mostly due to the fact that with most of my friends moving out of Cincinnati back to their respective cities/new cities for jobs, I sort of feel like this character: 


Which, obviously, all my friends are not dead (thank goodness, I’d be in far worse shape), but even one week out I’m getting that “Oh I feel so lonely” feel that probably isn’t helped by staying in the house for most days. A bright-side though, because there always is one, is that now that it’s summer semester all of the students that were out on co-op last semester (aka all of the other majors because BS architecture is I think one of the only four year programs, the others are five) are back! So, while it may take a little more effort on my part (because 1. I’m not going to be in DAAP everyday and 2. Seeing people outside your major is always a little more work, especially when you live off campus) I think that it will be fine.


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