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DAAPcamp 2014

DAAPCamp is a week-long summer enrichment program offered to high school students interested in architecture, interior architecture, fine art, graphic communication design, industrial design, and fashion design.
This video specifically concentrates on interior and architecture design. Architects and Interior Designers are concerned with the built environment. They create and modify spaces that are durable, meaningful, and responsive. Their studio project focused on the design of a park located on the banks of the Ohio river in downtown Cincinnati.

This was shot with a Nikon CoolPix point and shoot.

Motion Graphic and Soundtrack Artist: Corey Kujawski

The kids in this video were super awesome, and they all worked very hard–I think it shows! The video itself was really fun to make, and I’m already looking forward to the second one in July. There’s a another week of camp I’m working, CAMP (Cincinnati Architecture Mentoring Program), which is a day camp geared toward local middle school students. So, that’s coming up too!


Wright Auction House

This past Wednesday, as part of a group, I went to the Wright auction house–a tour organized by one of the lovely ladies at Gensler. It was fantastic.


There, the woman showing us around told us that we were allowed to–gasp–TOUCH things. Coming into this with a sort of museum mentality it was really surprising. I’m sad I didn’t take a photo, but there was a sculpture in the front that I touched (!!) and it was, as funny as it sounds, exhilarating.