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Morning Routine

I’m watching Sailor Moon R – The Movie; needless to say this morning is atypical–at least for a Monday. My original plan for today was to take the train downtown and kind of to a faux-commute, since the first day of work isn’t until tomorrow. Instead, I’m doing my nails, and other things to make sure that I’m set for tomorrow (like finishing up the organization of my room).

I’d like to try and make my morning routine such so that I do yoga every morning, and also meditate. There is a “28-day Meditation Revolution” plan that I found in a magazine I read (Yoga Journal), and I tried it once already, but it was a week before the move to Chicago, so needless to say with all the changes, keeping up with it was a little difficult. So! Trying again. This morning was nice; I completed a short practice and meditation in about 30 minutes, so it’s definitely doable before I’d have to leave before work.

A regular practice of yoga and meditation is something that I’ve aspired to do for a while now, but just never have been able to follow through with. I almost dozed off during pigdon pose earlier, and during meditation my mind wandered a little like a lost dog, but I know it will be something I’ll get better with practice.

I’ll probably have breakfast here in a bit, and then walk around the area some. Check out where the nearest CVS is. I see a little bit of sun on the wall near the outside of my window. Maybe the rain will hold off after all!