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Snapshots of the week

This week I:

With my good friend Lauren I finally went to half-price mac & cheese Monday at Keystone. It was delicious and much needed after starting this week with a (!) all-nighter. How an all-nighter happened on a Sunday is beyond me.


Made step-by-step doodles/progression of myself trying not to fall asleep to keep myself awake during our integrated technologies class. It was actually a pretty interesting/exciting class. One of the professors gave a lecture on HVAC systems and was much more animated than I remember him being during our sophomore construction course.
Got to DAAP early after going to sleep early. I’m much more of a morning person and I work much better at 5 am after getting sleep rather than working until 5 am not getting sleep. Trying to be disciplined enough to go to sleep at 9-10 so I can get to studio around 4-5:30 am. On my walk this morning a woman outside Riddle Road Market (a small convenience store nearby where I live) said she liked my boots. A little unexpected (it was dark so I didn’t notice her initially), but a pleasant experience. I feel more comfortable walking to DAAP in the early morning rather than walking home late at night (and I’m sure the morning worries my dad less), but, I still walk with mace in hand. Actually tested it out today since I’ve never pressed the button and…it’s pretty strong.
Continuously working on my resume and portfolio. And when I say working on my resume and portfolio I mean I’m still really just on my resume. I have a document open in Indesign for my portfolio at least and this semester’s format inspiration is from Emil Ruder’s book Typographie. It’s a square format, which is new to me, but I’m looking forward to the challenge (as is every portfolio making is) and hopefully doing my inspiration justice.


If you guys are curious, as of right now I have chosen Proxima Nova and Univers as my typefaces. Proxima Nova is one I recently downloaded from Type Kit (from Adobe) and I like how the round/humanist geometry of it contrasts with the slightly more stiff and vertical shape of univers.

I’d like to share more updates this weekend on what exactly I’ve been up to these last five weeks. So, more photos this weekend; I need to take photos of my models thus far (especially because on Wednesday I dropped a 1/16″ model and broke it. I was in the end able to repair it to a similar state. First time that has actually happened.)


I honestly cannot believe we are already almost to the 6th week.

Happy Friday!


APX Retreat Weekend

Two weekends ago I went on a retreat with my fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, to Hocking Hills–it’s about a two and a half hour drive to get there from Cincinnati.


It was there where about 30 of my fellow brothers and I spent the weekend in a cozy (actually pretty large) cabin in the woods and bonded over food, hiking, bonfires, and dancing.

Morning Business

Here’s one of my favorite images from the trip; a nice panorama of the view from Old Man’s Cave:
Old Man's Cave

The trail was amazingly icy; none of us were super prepared for the hike. We saw a couple with spike boots (I have no idea what the proper nomenclature for those are), but on the bright side we were all in pants and sweaters and coats.

It was really nice to get away for a weekend. No wifi, limited/no cellular service really allowed us to distance from our present school worries and focus on having fun and really enjoy each other’s company. Retreat is a great time for older members to bond with the younger members, as well as enjoying time with those who’ve they’ve been with for a while. Myself included, there were a lot of seniors on this trip and knowing that this was one of the last times we were all going to be together in such a relatively “carefree” atmosphere was really special. Not that people need to go to the middle of the woods to connect, but it definitely helps. So, I urge everyone to take a step back and feel some gratitude for the people in their lives, and as a side quest, maybe take some time to explore the nature around them.

Although I wouldn’t blame anyone for waiting until it warmed up a bit!

Final Semester

It’s about a month into my last semester, and I’ve been terribly negligent to this blog, but like always here is another shot at getting this up and running–or at the very least, crawling/walking with aid of a cane.

My capstone studio is on disaster relief, focusing on the time between the event and permanent housing. Our first assignment was to do case studies on particular objects/spaces (and I’ll put that on here soon, or on my website I’m going to create eventually). Our second assignment is focused on different scenarios where we (in groups) design responses to particular regions around the world. My group decided to focus on water disasters and particularly the Philippines, where it was fairly recent where a typhoon caused a massive amount of damage to the environment and to the people there.

Here are some photos of process work so far:




We were working exclusively on the interior for the first week/couple weeks, and now we are moving onto the exterior.

There are nicer images for the interior, but they haven’t been remade yet.

Happy Friday!

In other news, I’m really wanting to work more on my graphic design skill set, but I’m at a loss at even where to start. If anyone has any good recommendations, that would be awesome.

Last Week: Summer Quarter 2012

Four days left and this quarter is over. Three tests on Thursday, leaving that night to go to CT for my cousin’s baptism.

I’ll reflect more later, but this quarter has been really weird for me. I’ve loved it, but at the same time I am not happy. I don’t think I have been happy for a while now. At least with the broad aspect of life; concerning school, I am happy.

I think the next five months will be very good for me; by moving away I think I will find myself. I need to find out when I got lost.


Let summer begin.

Phew. Summer has begun; it’s day three and we’ve taken our first site visit. Some place in Loveland (where I grew up, so nostalgic!) named Grailville. Although we aren’t doing site analysis until next week, it’s nice to have already be introduced into the site.

We are currently working on our first charrette. Essentially, we are picking an “ideal” site, somewhere we already have been–rural also, and making a small residence for a particular artist. We got to pick what kind of artist (I chose textile, others were woodworking, foundry, metal working, environmental art…glass blowing and ceramics), and have to eventually get it down to an individual. I am getting close. I narrowed it down to a kind/region. Chimayo, which is in New Mexico.

I have it narrowed down to two women, Gloria Montoya and Sharon White. I am currently also getting really sleepy. Anyways, they both do some form of weaving.

While I like Gloria Montoya because her designs are more abstract, there is one tapestry in particular which I think is beautiful.

Although, Sharon has a really interesting process. Also, she actually articulates it which is nice. I’ll get more into it tomorrow, but. I think I have made my decision.

I realize I left this post kind of undone, but I’m tired. 🙂



Project 1

Project 1


4th week in, 1st project done. 2nd project in the works/making. 3rd project starting today/this week.

This first project is a case study on a local building, in this case: St. Monica Church. Through tectonics, we were challenged to abstract the building though line, plane and mass–as well as spacial zoning.

Unlike last quarter, where it was all about concept and how our design was propelled by that, this quarter is more about spacial organization and using that organization to guide us in our design process. So far, it’s a lot of abstraction–which is something that I had previously thought was difficult for me (at least when it comes to painting and drawing), but so far it hasn’t been problematic–just a good amount of thinking.

This quarter is also all about modeling, which, I must admit, is something that I’ve never claimed to be amazing at–I know some studio-mates with impeccable craft which always makes me drool.

so. I decided that this quarter, my goal would be to consciously work on my hand-skill/craft. So far, so good.