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Nashville: Days 1-2

If my roommate/the girl whose room I am inhabiting for the summer are any sort of accurate gauge for how nice people are in Nashville, then I think I’ll be pretty at home here.

The drive down here was pretty nice, really windy! No flying cow sightings, however. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! For those who don’t know, it actually isn’t the Independence Day of Mexico; it has something to do with the winning of the battle of Puebla, which may or may not be equivalent to the battle of Gettysburg . . . that may have been something that I saw on a person’s instagram earlier this night. Maybe.

So, it’s time to go to sleep. First day of work is tomorrow, hopefully it goes well! I think it should. Debating on the time to leave to get there around 8 . . .hmm. 7:30? 7:15? I don’t know how bad traffic is here in the morning yet, or if going local or taking the highway is faster. I’ll find out something tomorrow.

I have photos from today, so this is a reminder to myself to post them soon.