It’s about 6:15 am

And I am sitting outside DAAP waiting for 7 am to roll around so the doors will be unlocked and I can hurriedly make my way back into studio to finish-as-much-as-possible a presentation set for 10 am.

I haven’t slept yet (unless you count the mini dozes I’ve maybe gotten over the past hour or so sitting outside) and currently kicking myself for leaving my ID in studio.

But now I have the chance to blog about grad school and how much more of a thing it is than I ever thought it was going to be.

At least until 7 am, and then I gotta get back to work.

Grad school is intense, and I don’t think it really matters what the concentration in. One of my good friends is in her thesis year for anthropology and a few days ago she had to write a chapter for one of her faculty advisors (something like that) and it was nbd. And, here I am, waiting outside of the one place I’ve been an absurd amount and violating every “sustainable studio lifestyle” rule that I set out for myself when this whole shindig started.

Have I mentioned that I’ve lost about 4-5 pounds in the past 3 weeks? Weight watchers could learn a thing or two. (I’m kidding. The fact that I’ve lost weight is not healthy. Also I finally went to the gym Sunday and my legs are STILL sore from the squat rack).

The crazy thing is, and maybe it’s not so crazy–I don’t think it’s crazy (so take that however you will)– but I’m also incredibly happy right now. Even though I am also very cold and tired. In the past four weeks I feel like I have done so much, from work in studio to getting to know my peers, and it’s both terrifying and incredibly exciting that we still have about 11 weeks left. I have photos to share, and now that I think I’ve hit the point where I think I can start blogging (or maybe I’ve just hit the point where I feel like inneed to start blogging/sharing) I want to share with the world (or really anyone who reads this) what I’m excited about, what I’m learning about, what I’m doing in studio/life that continually shapes the person I am into the designer I aim to be.

Jumping topics slightly, but I am also GA-ing (graduate assistant, but In this case I am helping teach graphic communication and representational skills to 2nd year SAID students) this semester and that is both awesome and terrifying (I think I’m seeing a trend). I have 17 2nd years who are more-or-less relying on me to help them through this semester, and that not only means through the class but also with their portfolios, and their studio work if they ask for help. I get to share with them all the information that I wish I could’ve known when I was in their position, and I get to learn from them as well. Being second years, it’s a given that they aren’t going to “get” everything right off the bat, but that’s the best challenge for me because when you can explain something well enough for someone else to understand, then it’s because you know it well enough yourself.

Also, I’m taking a typography class this semester (the second out of a three part series) and THAT is also really awesome. I’ve been so hungry for an actual academic setting to learn more about graphic design and it feels so good to finally be able to be in the place that I can learn hands-on, rather than just reading about it via books from the library. My professor is also really cool, and super passionate about type (always a plus in professors). He’s also let me sit-in/get material from two other classes he’s teaching (one about user centered design and the other a grad course in the design/theory(?) of symbol systems) so I am more-or-less drowning in all of the education I could want/handle this semester.

It’s only the 4th week in, and I’m still trying to get this whole sleeping/eating consistently thing down, but it’s like I’m running on pure determination and…passion? Is this what passion feels like? Personally I don’t find design and architecture to be two different things, although I know the majority of the time it is separated as such. My goal is to be a great designer, so I can be a great architect. Design is a language, a way of thinking and even though I have 4 years under my belt I still feel like I haven’t had enough, but, I definitely feel like I’m ready for this now.

So. That’s about where life is right now. Stay tuned.


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