How to sign a “Happy Retirement” Card for someone you’ve never met

1. Debate with another intern near entrance of room, where the card-signing is going on, on whether it’s weird to sign the card.

2. Turn back to leave, but then get reassured by receptionists that it’s “not weird at all,” and just write, “Happy Retirement!”

3. Go into small room, pick up pen and think of it as lettering practice.

4. Write down general message of well wishes and a happy retirement.

5. Go back to desk/work.


There was a lovely caricature of her on the desk. I learned that she has a poodle, and likes iced tea.


Studying for the GRE

My (weekday) schedule:

Wake Up: 4 am
Study: 4am – 530am

  • Mini-breakfast around 430

Gym: Whenever I get there (around 550-6) to about 7am

  • 7-740 generally is get-ready-for-work time. The YMCA has pretty nice facilities.
  • Usually once a week I’ll just stay home and do yoga. That typically happens on Thursdays.

Work: 8-5 pm

  • lunch hour is spent… studying, and eating. NYtimes.

After Work: 

  • Generally it’s get home, eat dinner, study/computer-time/laundry/etc. (but more studying, to be sure)
  • Thursdays: Ultimate Frisbee!

A little crazy? Probably (Honestly, a little bit, but since I’m much more a morning person this works out really well. Until I get comfortable with my level of prepared-ness this will be the schedule.