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Process for Japan Day Submission

Process for Japan Day Submission

Some screenshots I took during the creation of my submission for the Japan Day Art Contest 2014. A good mix of illustrator and photoshop; I learned a little bit about blender brushes!



Looking behind me during Environmental Technologies I see half the class is asleep and the other half is either working on their computer or halfway paying attention.

This is how you know it is the end of the quarter.


Last Week: Summer Quarter 2012

Four days left and this quarter is over. Three tests on Thursday, leaving that night to go to CT for my cousin’s baptism.

I’ll reflect more later, but this quarter has been really weird for me. I’ve loved it, but at the same time I am not happy. I don’t think I have been happy for a while now. At least with the broad aspect of life; concerning school, I am happy.

I think the next five months will be very good for me; by moving away I think I will find myself. I need to find out when I got lost.