Let summer begin.

Phew. Summer has begun; it’s day three and we’ve taken our first site visit. Some place in Loveland (where I grew up, so nostalgic!) named Grailville. Although we aren’t doing site analysis until next week, it’s nice to have already be introduced into the site.

We are currently working on our first charrette. Essentially, we are picking an “ideal” site, somewhere we already have been–rural also, and making a small residence for a particular artist. We got to pick what kind of artist (I chose textile, others were woodworking, foundry, metal working, environmental art…glass blowing and ceramics), and have to eventually get it down to an individual. I am getting close. I narrowed it down to a kind/region. Chimayo, which is in New Mexico.

I have it narrowed down to two women, Gloria Montoya and Sharon White. I am currently also getting really sleepy. Anyways, they both do some form of weaving.

While I like Gloria Montoya because her designs are more abstract, there is one tapestry in particular which I think is beautiful.

Although, Sharon has a really interesting process. Also, she actually articulates it which is nice. I’ll get more into it tomorrow, but. I think I have made my decision.

I realize I left this post kind of undone, but I’m tired. 🙂