Japan Day Submission in Progress

Japan Day Submission in Progress

A small detail of what I’m working on currently; http://www.japandaynyc.org/art-contest-2014/ is what I’m submitting to, so, I’ll work really hard and hope for the best! I’m going to start on the background image today. The “key-words”/what we’re supposed to be communicating in this are: Central Park, New York, and Japan. Stay tuned!


Happy Birthday Kathrin!

Happy Birthday Kathrin!

Kathrin is the daughter of my dad’s girlfriend’s friend’s family with whom I stayed with the night before coming home last semester’s European adventure. They live in Frankfurt, Germany. Super sweet girl, and is pretty stellar at English! Nothing too special done on this piece, except for me having more fun working with the object transform/fill feature thing.

Final Semester

It’s about a month into my last semester, and I’ve been terribly negligent to this blog, but like always here is another shot at getting this up and running–or at the very least, crawling/walking with aid of a cane.

My capstone studio is on disaster relief, focusing on the time between the event and permanent housing. Our first assignment was to do case studies on particular objects/spaces (and I’ll put that on here soon, or on my website I’m going to create eventually). Our second assignment is focused on different scenarios where we (in groups) design responses to particular regions around the world. My group decided to focus on water disasters and particularly the Philippines, where it was fairly recent where a typhoon caused a massive amount of damage to the environment and to the people there.

Here are some photos of process work so far:




We were working exclusively on the interior for the first week/couple weeks, and now we are moving onto the exterior.

There are nicer images for the interior, but they haven’t been remade yet.

Happy Friday!

In other news, I’m really wanting to work more on my graphic design skill set, but I’m at a loss at even where to start. If anyone has any good recommendations, that would be awesome.

Sketch Post 3

Sketches from the train to Dessau, Dessau, and then the train back from Dessau.




Sketching people on a train is a bit difficult. Joyce’s drawing took a while, while Jill’s was about 20-25 minutes. I sacrificed some accuracy for speed, but I’m fairly pleased with what I produced.

I’m very tired. We had our final studio family dinner tonight, and it was delicious.





*i do have leftovers.

Also. Completely out of order, but this is what we saw in Dessau.


OH. And we saw this this morning:





Norman Foster is pretty pretty cool. Or, at least the building be designed is. I’m sure he’s neato as well.

Did I mention I was sleepy? I’m sleepy. Time for sleep.

Sketch post 2

Hey all! We arrived in Berlin last night and had a very full day of walking about the city; to be almost accurate it was around 6 miles! Here are some sketches from the past few weeks.










I’m thinking of going back through photos and such once I return to the US and then blog about our journey in hindsight. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to keep up with daily posts when traveling. I think I’ve acquired more bruises than successful posts, hahah. It will also help me when I start designing the website/publication about our trip. As part of our studio assignments we either had to research a specific subject/person that was relevant to our focus for this trip or do a design project. I chose to design a sort of “guild travel log” of sorts. “Guild” because upon reading about the guilds of craftsman for the Arts and Crafts movement I realized that in a way our studio is (sort of) a guild. I really wanted to design something that would act as a journal for our trip as well as give each person an individual profile to showcase his/her sketches and drawings.

Considering I know very little about coding I’m definitely biting off a lot, but my fall back will be working in InDesign, a program I know quite a bit more than dreamweaver. Corey told me that DreamWeaver isn’t all that complicated, but we’ll see. All I know is that upon my return I’m going to hit the ground running.

Or at least walking at a very, very brisk pace.