Paris Day 2

Our first full day in Paris our walking tour consisted of visiting St. Denis, Notre Dame de Paris, Saint Chapelle, studio and a needed laundry night. At said laundry place now with Luke, Megan and Katie. The guy working here practically walked us through it, although it was after my load had been placed that I realized that there were directions in English right on the machine we used to pay.


The only disappointment of the day was that I lost my wide angle lens sometime in the afternoon. Most of the time my items find their way back, but unfortunately I do not believe that to be the case this time. I admit that this is not the worst thing to lose, not like my passport or wallet, but still. We were given about two hours after our trip to Notre Dame to get lunch and do whatever before meeting back up to continue our itinerary for the day, and I think it was within the last 30 minutes or so that I lost it. I thought it was a good idea to loop the magnetic holder around the metal part of my belt, but it must have fallen off/I must have brushed it off one of the times I sat down/got up.

On the bright side, this will probably encourage me to draw bit more in order to get the “wide angle” effect that the lens would’ve gotten. In addition to that, I still have my other two lenses.


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