Security, Hustling, and Adapting to Shifting Climate on the Fly

Traveling is exciting, and stressful. More specifically, traveling by plane is stressful, except for a few parts–mainly the takeoff, landing and what goes on (or doesn’t) in between. Being able to fall asleep on planes is a good talent to have; I’m happy to say that it’s been a lifelong cultivation of mine–I get a lot of practice in cars. Currently finishing up this post

By the end of this trip I think I should be able to say which sort of transportation I prefer the most (when it comes to longer distances). Train, buses and planes, oh my!

People over 79 are allowed to keep his/her shoes and “light jacket” on for the security scan–a sort of sci-fi looking contraption. It’s this large tube that scans you 360 degrees while you stand in the middle in what I think can be describes as a surrender position. A great nicety/convenience for the older generation. I’d make a joke about how I hope we don’t just start getting a lot of old terrorists, but the 360 degree scanner is pretty legit and I’m pretty sure would see through whatever malicious item hidden in the light jacket; you gotta watch out for those old people wearing light jackets. They didn’t have the air puffer thing though (which I believe detects bombs somehow?).
Most people know that airports, and planes, have the tendency to be frigid caverns of misery. Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but if not prepared you can expect for colonies of goosebumps to be moving in or to be making a trip to the airport gift shop. Unless you don’t get cold due to air-conditioning, in which I am a little more than envious for that. Because airports are large, however, lugging your carry-ons from security to gate can really get you warmed up (even sweating).
Dressing in layers is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself when traveling, other than making sure you get to your transportation on time. Dressing in layers, however, can also make your security experience a mildly traumatic experience, unless you are running late, in which it’s going to be a smidgen worse. The layers will help you combat the bipolar nature of the airport ecosystem, but the layers will also just add obstacles when it comes to the security checkpoint. While continuing to advance in the line you have about 15 feet to get all accessories off, your shoes, sweater, coat, and place those in bins WHILE also getting large electronics out and in bins as well as all gels and liquids.

– Don’t wear strappy sandals.
– If you can help it, also don’t wear a belt.
– Wearng items that take up a good amount of room (e.g boots) will free up room in your luggage.
– Taking food is a good idea, like granola or meal bars. Airport food is expensive.
– Chugging a nearly full bottle of water before going through security is not advised.

About to board to London! Adventure awaits!


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