Conquering Jet-lag

It’s 18:23 and I’m just now getting a bit tired, so, I’m going to consider myself well on my way to conquering jet-lag. Europe uses military time instead of whatever the US uses and so I’m trying to adapt to it (by changing my phone/ipad) so to minimize any sort of time miscommunication. Subtracting two hours isn’t that difficult (my shortcut to get US time, it’s sort of like subtracting 12, but I just ignore the 1. Doesn’t work as well when it hits 20:00 I suppose).
Military time is more efficient though, I gotta say. With no “am” or “pm” there is little excuse for error, unless you give, or are given the wrong number.

As soon as I was able I changed all my clocks to the local time, so consciously I don’t know what time I’m supposed to think it is. Or rather, what time I would be experiencing at home. Like I mentioned, I’m a little bit tired now, but considering it’s early evening it’s almost normal. I took a quick jog around the area (and got sort of lost, but just a little). Somehow Strava was able to track me even though my cellular data is off, and I’m okay with it, but I’m curious about how it was able to do that. When I got back to the place I’m staying at tonight (it’s a dorm) I washed my running clothes and did some yoga on my bed–what, I didn’t want to do it on the floor!

(photo is of Russell Square, a green space where I ran by a few times in my attempts to get back to the dorm. I didn’t realize that the maps were not all oriented in same direction, and so I ended up running a bit more than I planned, but not a ridiculous amount. Strava says 3.5 mi, I’ll say 3.)

That being said, doing yoga on a bed is pretty difficult. It’s wobbly. And upward dog ends up being cobra if it’s a particularly soft bed. But, I’ll probably stretch out some more once I get back.
I’m meaning to do a post on apps that I really like, but I’ll mention this app now: Yoga Studio. I think it’s like 2 or 3 dollars on the iTunes Store, but it’s so worth it if you practice yoga, or even want to get into it without having to commit to a studio. It has ready made classes that span from beginner to advanced which feature a relaxing voice that talks you though the session. On the screen you’ll see a woman doing the poses as well, so you can follow along. It also features a large library which you can browse all the poses and read more into them (on correct form, precautions, modifications, etc.). And, if you want to make your own “studio classes”, you can! Also, the process is pretty intuitive. Going through the library can take some time, but if you get the main poses you want in the order you want, there’s a button that will add transition poses that make the practice flow easily. It’s great. I made a 30 minute one that I try to do most mornings, lots of stretching in the beginning with vinyasas at the end.
All in all, a pretty awesome first day in London. I’m finishing up this post at a Pret a Manger, where I got some hot chocolate on the house from two lovely employees. My eating schedule feels a little messed up, but I wanted some greens (and free wifi outside the dorm) and this place accommodated both–and then some.


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