I’ve become an expert at breaking down boxes

When people talk about moving, as in changing homes/apartments/caves/etc., I feel like there are two general feeling that may accompany it:

a.) It’s a fresh start! Moving is exciting because it is change, and change can be good.

b.) It’s a pain. Packing, labeling boxes, putting boxes in a car, traveling, unpacking boxes from a car, reorganizing, etc. (repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 especially when moving within the same city–even more so when it’s more than just one person moving.

For the most part, I think both feelings happen typically for any move. Even if it’s moving to an awesome new apartment or to a long-desired city, changing homes is a lot of work.

I, however, was lucky/unlucky enough to have skipped my family’s most recent (and I think to be final) home base relocation. My dad bought a beautiful home not too far away from where he was renting (as a transition house because the house we lived in two houses ago sold faster than he thought it would, therefore he didn’t have enough time to find another place he liked enough to call “home”). Maybe like…3 miles? It is, however, in a MUCH better location (in my opinion, but I don’t think the family would disagree). Much prettier area to run around in, and places within walking distance.

The move happened at the end of July, so, right about when I was taking the GRE (I feel I contributed by doing some lifting with my brain). Thankfully most of the items that I wanted/needed to keep a track of were already with me in Nashville.

The nice thing about not being present for a move is not having to deal with emotion b listed at the beginning of this post. The bad thing about not being present for a move is that you don’t entirely escape emotion b (at least not if your permanent residence resides at that location), rather, it just waits for you to get back and sneakily switches to a “hide and seek” game with some of your things.

Moving back in while the house is still in a “moving in phase”–there’s a lot of cardboard in this house– is tricky. Boxes are labeled, yes, but that doesn’t mean that anyone REALLY knows where anything is for sure. A lot of hunches going about.

My room, or room to be, is shaping up.

This is a LOT better than what I came home to. My bed is still missing, yes, but I don’t think it’ll be there until I come back from Europe.

So, moving back into a house still being moved into while having to pack to leave the country for 6-7 weeks is my challenge for this weekend/until Wednesday. I hired an adorable pair of extra hands to help me out.


When he isn’t napping, he’s a pretty good helper. I’m paying him in love, so, I don’t think it’s too bad of a deal.

With more than a couple doctor’s appointments in the next three days and other odds and ends to do I’ve got my work cut out for me.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that I’m leaving for Europe in THREE days. It’s something that has always been “later” and “months away”. And. now it isn’t.

I’ve got to pin down the design project that I’m thinking about doing for our studio project (specifically for the trip). The trick will be convincing my professor that it follows his guidelines, even though it interprets them in a slightly different manner.

I’ll talk about it more here later, so maybe if I can convince some of you guys, I can convince him!

Buenas noches


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