Thinking about blogging

I think about blogging a fair amount. Thoughts from the blogs I have, which currently only are two, blogs that I think about starting (but since I rarely update the ones I already have, I know I shouldn’t), things to blog, how to blog, etc etc etc.

I made this blog to record my life as a student, or more specifically my time as a student of architecture. I’m not sure when I actually started this blog (I could look this up, but I know it was pretty early on. At least I think so), but I know that my intermittent postings haven’t exactly traced my experience–unless (the hypothetical) you are getting that life as a student is busy, and so the lack of a writings is then a pretty accurate account of my life. 

And by that I mean the lack of writings just mean that I’m off doing other things that don’t require me to sit down and type things out.

Although, I do want to write. Reflection is important, and through reflection I think I’ll serve myself better in realizing what I’m learning, what I’m doing, what I want to do, etc. In the past few years that I’ve been in architecture school, I’ve realized that not only am I in the right major I’m definitely in the right area–design.

So, while this blog is still maintained by an architecture student, I’m widening my focus not only to what happens in school, but also my expanding interest in design–and also other things that have nothing to do with design or school (although, to a certain degree I guess it can be argued that everything has some level of design)

On a completely random note, the coffee place I’m currently at is playing Daft Punk, one of the songs from their new album (although the area that I’m at has some jazzy/funk tune playing. Maybe Daft Punk is coming from the kitchen? Odd layering).

Pleased as punch.


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